Prevent - Education

Prevent Education Officer is responsible for the following: 

  • Provide advice and support to schools on their compliance with the Prevent statutory duty.
  • Promote the Prevent strategy across their local area, including via local media, and keep up to date with changes and any guidance issued by Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) Prevent and the Department for Education.
  • Support education settings to identify appropriate resources (including from Educate against Hate) to embed Prevent in the curriculum, increase pupils’ resilience to radicalisation, and promote fundamental British values.
  • Work with partners to address gaps in resource provision.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and risk, deliver training and capacity building, and build and maintain a network of contacts within their local area to advance Prevent activity, including the wider local authority, police, Ofsted, Home Office and the Department for Education.

How is this service funded

This service is funded by the Home Office.

Who is this service for

All educational establishments, including supplementary and religious institutions.  Training available for all staff, volunteers and pupils. 

Further details of service

The role of the Prevent Education Officer is to support the education sector in identifying training needs, advice and guidance on Prevent referrals. For further information please email