Admissions Service

To provide an efficient admissions service for in year applicants, children starting school in reception and children transferring from primary to secondary school. To ensure the service is fully co-ordinated with other local authorities and schools.

Contact Details:

Processing Queries - Telephone: 01753 875728 Email:

Service Queries - Henry Kannike (Admissions & Transport Manager) Telephone: 01753 787667 Email:

On time applications for a school place for reception, and year 7 places at secondary school 2023 are now closed. All applications

  • after 31 October for secondary schools
  • after 15 January for primary schools

are considered as late applications. Late applications will not receive an offer until after national offer day (1 March for secondary schools and 17 April for primary schools).

In year applications for September 2022 - July 2023 are open.

All technical issues using the portal including account/registration and log in issues can be emailed to

How this service is funded

This is funded from the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG). There are no charges to schools for this service.

Who is this service for

All schools including academies use this service.

Further detail of service

  • To consult on and agree admission arrangements.
  • To publish admission arrangements.
  • To provide information about all admissions processes and ensure all parents have access to this.
  • To ensure as far as possible that parents understand the process.
  • To work with neighbouring boroughs to ensure full coordination.
  • To provide online application processes for all parents.
  • To brief parents and schools on admissions issues.
  • To allocate places in accordance with published admissions criteria, notify successful and unsuccessful applicants by the due dates and advise unsuccessful applicants of their right to appeal and the process for appealing.
  • To provide schools with up to date information on successful applicants.
  • To respond to queries from parents and schools about the admission process.
  • To liaise with schools about amendments to the allocation lists and waiting lists.

The service will:

  • Meet all statutory and local deadlines
  • Comply with all aspects of the Admissions Code.
  • Respond to all queries from parents and schools within 10 working days.

School responsibilities

  • To consider applications for places in accordance with their admissions criteria.
  • To provide the Admissions Team with details of successful and unsuccessful applicants.
  • To provide details of proposed admissions arrangements as part of the statutory consultation process.
  • To comply with all aspects of the Admissions Code.
  • Respond to all queries from the Admissions Team within 10 working days.