Local School Improvement Fund

The Slough Local School Improvement Fund arises from of an agreement by schools forum to use an underspend of centrally retained funds to support local school improvement initiatives. In addition it was recently topped up by the council and the total of the local school improvement fund is £229,500. Schools are able to ‘bid’ for funding for school to school support or to work on collaborative projects, linked to local priorities. The funds are held by the Slough Teaching School Alliance on behalf of the Slough schools’ community and can be accessed through a simple application and assessment process.

The Slough Teaching School Alliance (STSA) and Slough Borough Council (SBC) work in partnership to oversee the bids and are responsible for quality assurance once funds have been released. Action plans and outcomes of the bids are monitored to ensure value for money and maximum outcomes.

SBC has seconded a local headteacher (2 days a week) as a Senior Education Liaison Officer, who acts in a ‘bridging’ role between the council and the Slough Teaching School Alliance. The purpose of this role is to work with the Slough Teaching School Alliance to broker support for schools and ensure quality assurance of the bids that are received and also to monitor and assess impact of successful bids. Further details of the bidding process can be seen in the document below.