Egress Secure Email

Slough Borough Council is using Egress platform to share sensitive data about individuals securely. Education providers are also encouraged to use secure email to share and receive sensitive children and family data.

Slough Borough Council has negotiated Egress licenses for our Education providers in Slough. to support and enhance the data protection of sending and receiving secure documents. Egress accounts are secure email platforms to send and receive sensitive data and information such as child protection report, SEND reports etc. The comprehensive package stores your documents that are sent and received where under the free and basic package this is not available on Switch Egress

Egress licenses are renewed annually in September. Lease see FAQ's for further details about the project.

If your school would like to join and benefit from Egress secure platform competitive price please email

Egress Support Tips

To open and send email you can access your Egress email account on the platform here by logging on with your email address and password.

If you have any issues with Egress you can contact the technical team to raise a ticket through 2 ways:

Through the Egress website. Click here to raise a ticket.

You can also send an email to to raise a ticket.

If you have an Egress password reset please contact:

  • You can find a great amount of self help guides on our knowledge base which can be found here.
  • More detailed information regarding secure email can be found on the following page by clicking here.