Slough Children First

Slough Children First provides support and social care services for children, young people and families in Slough.

We have a very clear goal to protect children and young people from harm and improve the quality of care they receive. We aim to deliver on Ofsted’s judgement of ‘requires improvement’ within one year, ‘good’ children’s.

Our aim is to ensure children, young people and families experience a more complete and responsive service to address some of their most common concerns.

To do this, we have moved away from the traditional way of delivering social work to a new model underpinned by systemic principles, focused on working with families and networks rather than working with children in isolation. We call this model Safe, Secure and Successful.

If your concern is regarding the harm of a child or young person please immediately contact: 01753 875362 and email a MARF to or contact 01344 786543.

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