Attendance Service


  • To provide an efficient attendance service for Slough schools.
  • To identify children missing education (CME) and take appropriate action.
  • To monitor children educated at home.

Contact Details:

Processing Queries - Telephone: 01753 787670 Email:

Service Queries - Jeannette Walker (Attendance Team Manager) Telephone: 01753 875256 Email:


How this service is funded

This is funded from the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG). There are no charges to schools for this service.

Who is this service for

All schools including academies use this service.

Further detail of service

  • To receive requests from schools to issue fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for non-attendance
  • To process FPN requests and take legal action if not paid.
  • To initiate prosecutions for non-attendance including preparing cases for court.
  • To ensure as far as possible that parents understand the implications of non-attendance.
  • To receive referrals for pupils who may be CME
  • To investigate CME referrals and provide education if required, working closely with school admissions
  • To monitor home education across Slough, offering annual visits to parents and providing advice and support as required.
  • To ensure pupils are only off rolled from schools when they meet the national criteria
  • To take appropriate action where a suitable education is not being provided.
  • To provide schools with up to date guidance and advice on all the areas of work above.
  • To respond to queries from parents about all the areas of work above.
  • ​​​​Meet all statutory and local deadlines
  • Comply with all attendance, CME and pupil registration regulations.
  • Respond to all queries from parents and schools within 10 working days.

Schools responsibilities

  • To ensure attendance referrals are submitted using the correct templates and that all school based preliminary work has been completed.
  • To refer details of pupils who may be missing education
  • To advise the service of any parents who have decided to home educate. To encourage parents to confirm their intention to Home Educate their child in writing prior to off rolling.
  • To comply with all attendance and pupil registration regulations
  • Respond to all queries from the Attendance Team within 10 working days.