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Slough SACRE's Religious Education Advisor, David Rees is an experienced and knowledgeable RE teacher and specialist. He has many years of experience and insight in Primary and Secondary schools in a wide range of contexts. With him, our local SACRE are looking to recruit new members (especially teachers) and start a network for RE coordinators, teachers and staff.

To understand today's world, more students should study religion (essay)

Slough SACRE is a very diverse multi faith committee which helps to support and promote RE in schools. This is a statutory subject for all schools and as such will have even more prominence under the new Ofsted framework. The committee meets at local schools and places of worship from 4.30 - 6pm three times a year. If you are interested in promoting RE in schools please contact us.   

Slough SACRE produces a Religious Education newsletter each term designed to keep schools informed about free network meetings, Religious Education resources, training opportunities and local events. Please can schools ensure that all Religious Education staff are given access to this article. 

SACRE are keen to make contact with all the Religious Education leaders in schools - please send the name and school e-mail of the Religious Education lead to the SACRE Advisor David Rees; e-mail This will enable SACRE to send information about free Religious Education network meetings directly to Religious Education leaders and will also offer support. SACRE are grateful to those schools who have already done this and look forward to engaging with their Religious Education leads during the year. 

SACRE was pleased to be able to send a book around to all Religious Education leaders last year and are always looking for opportunities to support schools by finding Religious Education resources for classroom use. With this in mind SACRE is keen to know if there are specific artefacts that are needed for teaching Religious Education. Artefacts engage curiosity in children, let David know if there are specific artefacts which are needed for Religious Education teaching and SACRE will find providers from within the faith communities to help. 

SACRE are aware of the Religious Education work happening in the area and would love to hear about success stories whether it is a drop down day, specific module of work, REQM award or other Religious Education event. If there is anything to share with David please do so and he will pass this on to SACRE. 

Virtual Networks

SACRE support Religious Education by running Virtual Networks as twilight sessions each term, these are run by the Religious Education Advisor to SACRE David Rees. The Religious Education Network Meeting dates will be confirmed soon. 

The meeting will cover

  • Recent national and local developments in RE
  • Local Agreed Syllabus Updates
  • Online CPD Opportunities
  • Online resources and websites
  • Upcoming events

The sessions are backed by your local SACRE and are an important way of keeping in touch and offering support

If you would like to attend any of these virtual meetings or receive information about support for RE please email David on  - zoom links will be sent to those who confirm.

If you are interested in learning more about, or joining SACRE, please contact Nadia Williams – Clerk to the SACRE.