SEND Funding

The SEND Service is funded through both core funding and the High Needs Block (HNB) via the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG).

The table below explains the funding that is provided via the High Needs Block (HNB) of the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) for a pupil with a Statement/ EHCP.




Element 1 (AWPU) – all pupils

Approximately £4,000 per pupil

Element 2 – SEN Support 

Notional £6,000 funding to support additional needs

Element 3 – Top up funding for pupils with Statements/EHCPs

Based on individual need


Providers will receive element three ‘top up’ funding to support children/young people with a Statement or EHCP. This funding is based on the pupil’s needs and is calculated using a banding mechanism.

* Independent providers do not receive Element 1 or 2.

Element 3 Funding

Funding for Element 3 top-up is calculated via a banding system for all Early Years, Primary and Secondary settings in Slough. Further information about how banding is calculated can be accessed via the attached banding document.

Funding for out-of-borough placements (independent, specialist and maintained) and post 16 provision is calculated on an individual basis using costed provision maps.

The current banding model was devised prior to the 2014 reforms and so there is currently a banding review taking place which hopes to provide a new banding model which focuses on the four areas of identified needs.

Specialist Provisions and Resource Bases

Both specialist provisions and resource bases do not receive Element 1 or Element 2 funding, instead they receive block funding of £10,000 per commissioned place from the Local Authority.

Further information about High Needs Funding can be accessed at the following link: