Learning & Development


Slough Early Years Service supports all providers with the delivery and quality improvement of the Early Years Foundation Stage. This includes the provision of a range of EYFS training opportunities.

Slough is a Local Authority member of the EYFS Forum, providing free access to the forum for Slough practitioners.

There are a range of local programmes and strategies to support quality improvement across the sector. Learning and development are supported through:

  • I Talk
  • Bristol Standard
  • Partnership Improvement Plan

The local authority has a legal duty to provide information advice and training on meeting the requirements of the EYFS, meeting the needs of children with SEND and on effective safeguarding and child protection for providers who are rated less than ‘Good’ by Ofsted or newly registered providers.

Providers receiving an outcome of less than ‘Good’ are offered the opportunity to engage with the LA in a joint Focussed Improvement Partnership Plan. The plan will address the specific actions identified in the Ofsted report.

How is this service funded

LA advisor support is funded from the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG). There are no charges to providers for these services. Commissioned training services and requests for bespoke training incur charges. Please refer to the Professional Development Portfolio PDP.

Who is this service for

 Advice and guidance about the Early Years Foundation stage, including local learning and development programmes, are available to all providers of early years education and childcare in Slough.

Further Details of Service

Slough Early Years Service offers early years providers a portfolio of professional development opportunities. Training can be prepared for specific circumstances on request by contacting earlyyears@slough.gov.uk

All Slough Private, Voluntary & Independent settings and Schools are invited to attend a range of networks and forums that provide early years sector updates, information sharing, moderation and networking opportunities. 

Some of these networks provide forums for all early years’ practitioners and others have a specific audience.

Slough Early Years Service offers the following termly  Fora and Network meetings:

  • PVI Managers Forum (An evening meeting for managers and deputies held in a central location in Slough)
  • Bristol Standard Network meeting (A choice of two times, held on the same date in a central location in Slough)
  • SENCo Network meeting (An evening meeting for SENCO’s from PVI settings)
  • Early Years Cluster meeting (twilight meetings with a choice of two dates, in different locations across Slough)
  • Childminder Cluster meeting (An evening meeting for child minders held in a central location in Slough)
  • I Talk Network meeting (A choice of two times, held on the same date in a central location in Slough).