School Effectiveness


The school Effectiveness service (school improvement element) consists of a small core group and a team of consultants, some of whom work up to 3 days a week in Slough:

  • Service Lead – School Effectiveness
  • Senior Standards and Effectiveness Officer - Primary (3 days a week, temporary).
  • Senior Standards and Effectiveness Officer (Secondary 2 days a week, temporary).
  • Senior Education Liaison Officer (2 days a week, temporary)
  • Education Safeguarding Officer.
  • Standards and Effectiveness Officer (SEND).
  • Team of primary and secondary consultants
  • Statutory Moderation and Assessment Service

Contact: Service Lead - School Effectiveness - Johnny Kyriacou


How is this service funded

The service is fully funded through the Council General Fund. However the Standards and Effectiveness Officer (SEND) is funded by a centrally retained budget through the High Needs Block (DSG).

Who is this service for

All schools and academies have access to this service.

Further Details of service

Services for Schools 

  • Autumn term school improvement visits offered to all schools
  • Ongoing school improvement support for schools that request it
  • Sharing of good practice in schools
  • Liaison with Ofsted
  • Liaison with the RSC
  • Facilitation of Local School Improvement Fund
  • Data sharing
  • Responding to Ofsted complaints
  • Responding to safeguarding complaints
  • Facilitation of Safeguarding networks
  • Facilitation of SEND networks
  • Statutory test moderation

The Slough School Improvement Strategy for 2017/18 is in place that sets out the council’s approach to school improvement and effectiveness. This is currently in the process of being revised in consultation with schools.

The service is monitored within the council and is subject to its own external Ofsted inspections. It is also evaluated through the Slough Education Partnership Board and the Slough School Improvement Board.