School Effectiveness Partnership Offer

In recent years the funding allocated to Slough Borough Council, by national government and the local Schools Forum to provide school effectiveness and improvement services, has declined significantly from around £1m in 2015-16 to £50k school improvement grant in 2018-19. The council nevertheless continued to fund school improvement services despite receiving no income, but could no longer afford to do so at the same level.

Slough local authority understands that schools are responsible for their own improvement, but we believe that the local authority can continue to play a strong facilitative role in the school system. We are proud of our recent work with schools to put in place strong governance of the school system, networks, seminars, support from officers and TheLink website to help strengthen the school system.

We wanted to continue investing in the school system; therefore the council topped up the £50k school improvement grant with a further £200k to fund a core council offer and invited Slough schools to enhance the core services by subscribing to a wider partnership offer.  The Slough School Effectiveness Partnership Offer 2019-20 is not a traded service and is not run for profit.

We are pleased that over sixty per cent of schools and academies wanted to subscribe to the 'Partnership Offer', paying an annual sum to sustain the services below. 

If you would like to find out more about this partnership, please contact SBC’s Service Lead, Johnny Kyriacou, by emailing

What is the offer?

Please see attached the Partnership Offer letter sent to all Schools and an attachment that provides a quick table-view outlining the offer. Please note the letter attached has been amended to outline only the offer rather than the contract.

Events and Training

The below table which will explain the types of tickets available to you for paid events only:



Partnership School Discounted Non - Partnership School

Please select this ticket if your School has signed up to the partnership offer. 

See attached table to see what sessions are available to you. 

If you have used up the quota of the subscription, then select this ticket, as you will be eligible for a 20% or 30% discount of the fee.

See attached letter to see what discount is available to you.

If your school is not a part of the partnership offer, please select this ticket.

See below list to see if your School has signed up to the partnership.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Please note a booking fee of 2% & £3 per registration will apply to both the discounted ticket(s) and the core ticket(s).

This will be applicable to all events that have been uploaded September 2019 onwards.  This does not apply to events held by the Early Years Service.

If you are unsure if your school has used up the quota of the subscribed ticket, please e-mail and we will confirm this to you.  Please note bookings will still be made via the normal channels of Eventbrite and when you register, you will be asked to select the relevant ticket, as described above.  

How will we be affected?

There will be pages that will display certain text and then prompt you to log in.  This is the indication that the page is only available to those Schools who have signed up to the partnership and you will be requested to log in to view the full page.

How do I know if my School has signed up?

Please see below list of the Schools who have signed to our partnership:

  1. Arbour Vale School
  2. Baylis Court Nursery School
  3. Beechwood School
  4. Chalvey Nursery School
  5. Cippenham Nursery School
  6. Claycots School
  7. Colnbrook CoE Primary School
  8. Ditton Park Academy
  9. Eden Girls School
  10. Haybrook College
  11. Herschel Grammar School
  12. Holy Family Catholic Primary School
  13. Iqra Slough Islamic Primary School
  14. Langley Grammar School
  15. Lea Nursery School
  16. Littledown School
  17. Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy
  18. Lynch Hill School Primary Academy
  19. Penn Wood Primary and Nursery School
  20. Priory School
  21. Ryvers School
  22. Slough and Eton Church of England Business and Enterprise College
  23. Slough Centre Nursery
  24. St Anthony's Catholic Primary School
  25. St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School
  26. St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School
  27. St Mary's Church of England Primary School
  28. The Grove Academy
  29. The Langley Academy
  30. The Westgate School
  31. Wexham Court Primary School
  32. Wexham School

If your school is listed above and you are experiencing issues in logging in or viewing the pages, please e-mail and we will investigate this for you.

If you are interested to find out more about the partnership, please contact Johnny Kyriacou by e-mailing