Home to School Transport Service

To provide a home to school transport service for Slough resident pupils who meet the eligibility criteria in the home/school transport policy. Eligibility is assessed by the Admissions & Transport Team and transport procured by SBC’s Transport Team.

The Saga of SEN Transport - Special Needs Jungle

Contact Details:

Operations Queries (SBC Transport Team) 

John Northam (Transport Manager) Telephone: 01753 477301 | Email: John.northam@slough.gov.uk

Service Queries (CLS) 

Henry Kannike (Admissions & Transport Manager) Telephone: 01753 787667 Email: Henry.Kannike@slough.gov.uk and education.transport@slough.gov.uk  

All applications for transport, other than for children with an EHC Plan, will be considered by the Transport Team (School Services) following receipt of the appropriate application form.

For children with an EHC Plan, the decision will be considered by a panel involving the SEND Team. Transport will be arranged in all cases by the Transport Team in conjunction with transport contractors.

All transport provision will be reviewed as part of the annual review of needs and if appropriate as part of an early review. Transport provision may be withdrawn or amended if circumstances have changed or the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Panel considers the withdrawal appropriate as an encouragement to independence.

Parents with a child eligible for transport will be required to re-apply for transport if they choose to move house or change school.

In some cases, where children are eligible for free transport, parents may wish to provide transport to and from school themselves. The council will reimburse mileage at a rate to be considered annually for the home to school journeys only i.e. when the pupil is receiving transport. If there is a change of circumstances and parents wish to request to change the arrangement, they must give two weeks notice to allow time for the council to arrange appropriate transport. The current mileage rate is 45 pence per mile.

If parents request free transport to a preferred school at any time, on the grounds that the nearest school or catchment area school is full, the council will not consider the request unless parents had applied for the nearest school or catchment school during the normal admission round.

Where a pupil is receiving free transport and parents change address, so that their school is no longer the catchment school, nearest school or ‘qualifying school’, under the definitions set out within this policy, transport will cease and responsibility for the child’s transport arrangements will become the responsibility of the parents(s) or carer(s).

The council may decide to withdraw transport, either for a temporary period, or permanently for serious or repeated cases of misbehaviour on the transport provided.


How this service is funded

This service is funded by Slough Borough Council. There are no charges to schools for this service.

Who is this service for

All schools with eligible pupils use this service.

Further details of service

  • Review the home to school transport policy in consultation with schools.
  • Ensure the service is cost effective in terms of vehicle utilisation.
  • Provide clear advice and information to parents and schools about pupil eligibility and transport arrangements.
  • Assess transport applications.
  • Organise transport for eligible pupils.
  • Notify schools and parents about any changes to arrangements.
  • Provide an appeals service for parents who are not eligible.
  • Review contract terms and conditions and advise schools on standards expected from contractors.
  • Ensure contractors comply with the terms of the contract.
  • Ensure staff employed by contractors have been vetted and trained.
  • Check and pay invoices from contractors after checking service delivery with schools.
  • Monitor expenditure and review services to achieve savings.
  • SBC’s transport team provide advice via their helpline from 8.30am to 5.00pm each day during term time.
  • Transport contractors are monitored to ensure compliance with all terms and conditions of their contract.
  • Service queries will be responded to within 10 working days. Operational queries will be dealt with as soon as possible to ensure the service runs effectively during term time.

Schools responsibilities

  • Notifying the service of any changes to transport requirements or problems with the service.
  • Notifying transport contractors about school term and holiday dates and INSET days.
  • Ensuring arrangements are made at schools so contractors can arrive and depart safely and pupils can board and alight vehicles safely.

The service will:

  • Respond to day to day feedback from schools and parents.
  • Make random checks to ensure contractors are complying with the terms and conditions of their contracts.
  • Monitor activity indicators such as the number of transport contracts, number of pupils carried and financial information and respond accordingly.
  • Aim to ensure no pupil has a journey time of more than one hour.