Water Safety Messages

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Education Safeguarding Professional, Jatinder Matharu, for the attention of all Head teachers, DSL’s, DDSL’s PHSE’s and teachers in education settings and colleges.

Risks for children with water and open windows

As the warm weather approaches, NHS Frimley CCG have produced an excellent very short video (less than 2 minutes!) to highlight the risks of leaving babies and infants unsupervised near water or open windows. This video includes baths, paddling pools, ponds, rivers, lakes and open windows. 

Young children can drown in less than two inches (six centimetres) of water, in only 20 seconds. If they are very young, you won’t even hear them. They can slip under the water without making a splash or a sound

Young children don’t understand that a fall can kill them and their natural curiosity means they will try and get out of the window to see more.

Please cascade this message amongst your teams and clients and encourage all to watch the video.  ‘Keep your kids live and kicking this summer’.

Risks for older children and adults with open water such as the Jubilee river

Please also remind your clients and teams about the risks of swimming in open water.  This is a video of just over 2 minutes and is an excellent reminder of the risks and consequences of open water swimming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4njOkRBK4Q