Schools Forum 5-16 Task Group

The 5-16 Task Group is a subsequent meeting related to the Schools Forum and is by invite only.  This task sub-group discusses specific issues and produces decisions and draft advice for the Forum to consider.  These meetings tend to take place termly or as and when needed.  This group can include representation to ensure that the necessary expertise is included in the group.

This task group will advice and work with the LA, as and when, on any proposed formula funding changes and other issues related to the funding of 5-16 pupils.  They also ensure financial probity, transparent consultation and decision making in relation to additional resources to meet identified needs as funded by 5-16 resources.

There are currently no meeting dates set for this task group.  Task Groups meet as and when appropriate in order to discuss specific issues, and to produce draft advice and recommendations which is reported to the next Schools Forum for consideration. For more information please see below.