This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Service Lead for Schools, Johnny Kyriacou, for the attention of Heads and Finance Managers.

We have now run a number of events promoting Apprenticeships for you, unfortunately despite this, take up from schools has not been forthcoming and funding has not been used.

As a consequence we will no longer be running any further events for schools and will be focusing our resources on successfully developing opportunities within Slough Borough Council.

The Slough Academy have set up a section on TheLink Website to provide some support for Slough Schools with Apprenticeships. 

We have created guides for both Maintained and Non-Maintained Schools, to help you make the most of your apprenticeship levy funds and navigate through the process.

TheLink site will include the following:-

  • A DfE Guide To Apprenticeships For The School Workforce
  • Maintained Schools & Nurseries Apprenticeship Pack
  • Maintained Schools – Apprentice Request Form (ARF)
  • Maintained Schools – Apprentice Details Form
  • Non-Maintained Schools Apprenticeship Pack

To access these please visit the following page -

The Slough Academy team will continue to send maintained schools a monthly email statement setting out their Apprenticeship Levy funds available.  If maintained schools do not use the Apprentice Levy Funds, Slough Borough Council reserves the right to use the unused funds on SBC Apprenticeships. This ensures that we make the best use of levy funding before it expires.

Maintained Schools that are engaging an apprentice may wish to seek advice about suitability of training programmes. Maintained Schools will need to complete the ARF and return the form for approval.

Finally we would like to wish you all the every success in taking on board Apprentices and hope the provided information will support you.


- Johnny Kyriacou, Service Lead for Schools