Global Acts of Unity - Mike Haines Sessions

This article has been brought to you Slough Borough Council's Prevent Co-ordinator Naheem Bashir, for the attention of Secondary Schools in Slough.

Part of the Prevent Delivery Plan is our work with schools, mainly delivered through the Prevent Team based at Slough Borough Council.  We also look for opportunities where we can ask for external organisations to visit schools in Slough and deliver messages in countering extremism and radicalisation.  We have be given an opportunity in Slough for sessions to be delivered to Secondary Schools by Breakthrough Media through Mike Haines.    

Mike Haines is the brother of David Haines, the British humanitarian worker murdered by Daesh in September 2014. Despite suffering tragedy as a direct result of terrorism, Mike himself chose to publicly reject hatred in favour of unity, tolerance, and understanding. The Global Acts of Unity School Tour campaign was born out of his pursuit of a more positive course of action and refusal to be drawn into divisive discourse with Muslim communities. By inviting students to extend the hand of friendship by making one positive action, Mike’s campaign develops resilience to the polarising forces of suspicion and marginalisation, the very conditions extremists seek to exploit. Since 2016, Mike has told his story to over 20,000 school children. 

Mike’s workshop is suitable for ages 13+ and it lasts an hour. It is made up of a presentation, a short film and a Q&A with the school children. Mike can deliver the session to a large assembly or a single year group.  We now have confirmed dates for these sessions to be delivered to schools in Slough, please see below:




Monday 4th March 2019 SLOUGH 1 SLOUGH 2
Tuesday 5th March 2019 SLOUGH 3 N/A


You can find out more about his work on his website: You will also find an interactive classroom activity that is perfect for PSHE.  Here are some testimonials from previous schools:

“Mike's session had perhaps the greatest impact of any in school. Staff and students were profoundly moved but also inspired by his message. Following his visit there were numerous individual conversations as well as more structured class discussions. The visit was arranged to support our own work in this field and we are very fortunate indeed that the opportunity for Mike to speak to us came when it did. I think the students have been able to cope with recent events, especially Manchester, in part because of the constant reinforcement of our values that fitted so well with Mike's own story”

- Witton Park Academy


“Although the Prevent Strategy is very important, due to the sensitive nature of the subject It can be very difficult to find appropriate and effective content. Mike has a unique story that touched our nation. He has had the courage and strength to use his own traumatic experience to make a difference to individuals and communities. However, a story is not enough to engage young people. It needs a thought-provoking presentation and good delivery to get an important messages across. I thought Mike's presentation was well planned and delivered using pictures to accompany all of Mike's story. Although Mike stated he was nervous and not a public speaker, this didn't detract anything away from his presentation. The overriding message of peace and unity was encouraging. Mike talked about breaking the cycle of violence and that there is no room for hate in our world. He shared his own personal experiences of communication to understand people of different orientation and faith”. 

- The Farnley Academy


“Our work as teachers is of course underpinned by a desire to promote tolerance and respect, but it is rare for our students to hear of the way in which those qualities can present themselves in the most challenging of situations. Staff and students alike were humbled by your commitment to support these values”. 

- Ralph Thoresby School

I would be grateful if you could get in touch and let me know if you are interested in Mike visiting your school to deliver the session to your students.  I will then set the agenda working with Breakthrough Media over the two days.  There is no charge for these sessions and will take place in your school. 

I would be grateful if you could respond to me by Wednesday 9th January 2019 to confirm your place.  If you have any queries please email Naheem Bashir.