School Teachers And Staff | Have You Ever Thought About Becoming a School Governor?

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Governor Support Officer, Sharon James, for the attention of Headteachers.

Looking to improve your career prospects in 2020? Ever thought about becoming a school governor in another Slough school?

There are more than 50 schools in Slough and they all need committed volunteers to be school governors to help improve education in Slough.

Becoming a school governor involves:

  • Being interested in getting the best education for the pupils at the school. Governors can become involved in a range of school matters which can include recruitment, finance and curriculum.
  • Providing a strong link between the school and the local community, and an independent view to support the school on long term development and improvement.
  • A time commitment – school governing boards meet on at least a termly basis normally in the evening and governors are also expected to get to know their schools through visits to the school during the day once or twice a year.

However in return you could:

  • Develop your understanding of how a school governing board operates - invaluable experience if you want to become a senior leader or head teacher in the future.
  • Receive valuable training - there is a wide range of training opportunities available to help governors undertake their duties and develop their understanding of the key areas of school management.
  • See how work within a school is presented and understood by governors and how decisions are made which in turn may help you secure support for initiatives that you may want to introduce in your school.
  • Gain first hand knowledge and exposure to another other type of school, different types of school ethos and management, different challenges they are facing and the solutions they have found.
  • Get skills and practice in raising questions, discussing issues and decision making.
  • Provide invaluable input into the school development plan based on your knowledge of the education system and pressures facing teachers.
  • Gain insights not covered by teach training in managing your relationship with the board of governors

Could YOU be an invaluable school governor?

Discover more about Slough school governor vacancies by contacting Sharon James at