Slough Foodbank Referrals

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council on behalf of Slough Foodbank's Manager, Laura Cole for the attention of All Schools. 

Dear All,

Slough Foodbank have recently been informed that effective from 19th February 2024, the Job Centre will no longer be issuing clients with direct referrals to the Foodbank. Instead, they will be handing out ‘signposting slips’, which will direct clients to charities and community groups for support with food or other agencies for referrals to Slough Foodbank.  This is a change that is happening across the country and each individual foodbank has been encouraged to work with their local job centre to find a replacement process that works best for its clients and volunteers.

In 2023, 21% of our referrals came from the Job Centre (1052 vouchers) and therefore we expect that this change will have a significant impact on us and our clients.  Firstly, the number of clients enquiring how to get a foodbank voucher is likely to increase; secondly, the number of clients turning up at distribution centres without a voucher is likely to increase.

We are suggesting that the following information goes out on the ‘signposting slips’.  This may directly impact some of your organisations, so we wanted to let you know as soon as possible in case you need to prepare for a possible increase in requests for your services or referrals to Slough Foodbank.

1. Where to access free emergency food (see Cost of Living pack for details, opening days and times – link below):

a) Slough Outreach - 07832 442424

d) Edens Tree Pantry - 07507 671668/07821 775015

e) Not Just a Store - Old Decathlon building, Westgate Retail Park, Bath Road

f) Salvation Army - 01753 525819

g) SHOC - 01753 577747

h) Warm Spaces

i) Churches

 2.If you need a referral to Slough Foodbank for an emergency food parcel, contact an appropriate agency:

a) Slough Borough Council:

  • Debt & Welfare Department/Household Support Fund - 01753 475111
  • Housing - 01753 875705
  • Social Services - 01753 690408 (Adults)/ 01753 875510 (Children)

b) Slough Citizens Advice Line - 0808 812 7022 or self-refer via this link:

c) Slough Refugee Support - 01753 537142

d) Turning Point - 01753 692548

e) FEDCAP - 01753 245505

f) Help through Hardship - 0808 2082138

g) Social Prescribers – available at some GP surgeries

 Please remember to let your clients know that they need to be in receipt of a foodbank voucher before they can pick up a food parcel from Slough Foodbank.

If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to email me at or ring the Slough Foodbank office on 01753 550303.

Thank you for your support as we work our way through this change in the best way we can for our clients.

Kind Regards,

Laura Cole, Manager Slough Foodbank