Teacher Vacancies Service Update: Sign Up Now & Spread The Word

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Service Lead for Schools, Johnny Kyriacou, on behalf of Olu Oluwasegun from Department for Education.  This is for the attention of all Headteachers.

Teaching Vacancies is a free vacancy listing service developed by the Department for Education for publicly funded schools in England to publish teacher vacancies and for jobseekers to search for their next career move. This service lets schools publish and amend job listings themselves and follows the widely recognised Job Posting standard, in order to improve the quality of job listings and make them as shareable as possible. 

The service is now available across England, having been successfully rolled out to regions on a phased basis. Indeed, subscription to the service has been high as publicly-funded schools are able to post vacancies for free and jobseekers can search for teaching roles nationwide, instead of having to use a number of websites.

Here are some encouraging facts about the service:

  • Teaching Vacancies is entirely free for publicly-funded schools and jobseekers to use and it’s easy to sign up!
  • Teaching Vacancies is now being used by over 50% of publicly-funded schools in England,
  • Over 5000 jobs have been listed since launch, with these figures increasing every day,
  • On any given day, there are on average over 1000 jobs listed on Teaching Vacancies.

Research has shown that up to 75 million pounds is spent annually by schools on job advertising. Teaching Vacancies is therefore a fantastic opportunity to establish a national job listing service that is free to both schools and jobseekers, thereby drastically reducing the amount schools spend on recruitment advertising. To that end, we are encouraging all publicly-funded schools/trusts in England to sign up for the service now, instead of waiting until they have vacancies. Jobseekers can of course also start using the free vacancy listing service.

It is easy to sign up! If you are or, have been authorised by your Headteacher or CEO just send an email with your full name and email address to: teaching.vacancies@education.gov.uk . You can also email us your details directly, copying in your Headteacher or CEO.

Spread the word! Thanks if your school is already signed-up to Teaching Vacancies, we will give you regular updates on the service. In the meantime please use every opportunity to spread this good news. If you know of anyone looking for a teaching role, tell them to search on Teaching Vacancies.

For more information, visit the Teaching Vacancies Service blog and do get in touch. Email  teaching.vacancies@education.gov.uk  or Olu  (olu.oluwasegun@education.gov.uk) if you have any questions.