Cross-School Moderation - Maths 1 December

This event has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's KS1 Lead Moderator Debbie Powell, for the attention of Year 2 Teachers and KS1 Leads.

This is a cross-school moderation event for Year 2 teachers or KS1 Leads. It is an opportunity for teachers to review the assessment framework for maths at KS1. Teachers can discuss the evidence they will need for pupils to meet each standard. Teachers must come prepared with a selection of their maths books, preferably one at each standard. They will have an opportunity to look at their books and discuss their evidence with other Year 2 teachers. There will be 2 opportunities to attend this event, 28th November at Holy Family Catholic School or 1st December at Priory School, Slough - not required to attend both events.