Early Years | Emotional resilience training – SEBDOS

This session is for Slough schools and settings only and all non-Slough based provision will be removed.

This training has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Business Support Officer Shamila Khan, for the attention of: Early years teachers and practitioners, Childminders and childminding assistant.

This course will look at how we can understand children's emotional needs and behaviour and how they are linked. You will consider the impact of unmet emotional needs on attachment and what can impact attachment such as; parental availability, emotional regulation, the impact of trauma and how all this presents itself i.e. in their behaviour, coping mechanisms they learn e.g. escalating or controlling and self-esteem (all of which may look like ASD/ADHD traits) and how this might link to on-going issues.

During the session you will evaluate how you can meet children's needs to improve relationships and behaviour and consider what children need from the adults around them.

This will be a face-to-face training