Early Years | Promoting Good Oral Health in EY Children

This session is for Slough schools and settings only and all non-Slough based provision will be removed.

This training has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Business Support Officer Shamila Khan, for the attention of childminders, childminding assistance, Early Years practitioners, deputies, managers and family services officers.

"Oral health is an essential part of our general health and wellbeing and contributes to our quality of life. Good oral health contributes to the development of a healthy child as well as school readiness. By preventing pain and discomfort which can cause difficulty in sleeping, eating, and socialising a healthy smile will also encourage positive self-esteem which will contribute to an individual’s emotional wellbeing.

Tooth decay is the most common oral health disease affecting children and young people in England and is nationally the biggest reason for children aged 5-14 years being admitted to hospital for teeth to be extracted under general anaesthetic, with most cases being entirely preventable.

Councils have been warned to expect a potential post-coronavirus surge of children and adults needing dental treatment following the lifting of lockdown. Meanwhile, 70% of families with children under five report more snacking in their households during the lockdown. That’s more than double the figures of households without young children."