Addressing Peer on Peer Harmful Sexual Behaviour through RSHE (Secondary)

This article has been Slough Borough Council's Principal Health & Wellbeing Project Officer for Schools, Susan Dyer for the attention of all schools.

This is a 2 hour interactive workshop session for staff who teach RSHE, covering:

  • What is peer-peer harmful sexual behaviour and how widespread is it?
  • What young people have said they need from the curriculum
  • What to teach in Relationships Education and when
  • Resources for addressing the most sensitive topics
  • Good practice
    • Creating a safe environment for teacher and pupils
    • Using facilitative techniques and managing discussions
    • Answering questions
    • Use of outside speakers and facilitators
  • A sample session to trial a resource and model good practice
  • Cost per participant £33.60

For more information, please contact