The Charlie Waller Trust | Mental Health Webinars

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The Charlie Waller Trust team have released a new series of webinars based on Mental Health. The webinars are run by expert mental health trainers and guest speakers. The webinars are free, but you must book via the “Sign Up” buttons. The webinars are open to all staff and any parents/carers, so please pass on to anyone you feel would benefit from this.

A black woman with curly black hair and glasses talking with a younger black woman sitting on a couch. There is white text which says new mental health webinars and has Charlie Waller Trust logo in the left hand corner.

NEW free mental health webinars! 

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand-new series of our popular free mental health webinars. 

Our webinars are presented by our expert mental health trainers and guest speakers who come from a wide range of professions and expertise. They explore practical, evidence-based information and strategies! 

Whether you are someone who looks after children and young people - parents, carers, educators - a young person or someone interested in mental health, we have a webinar for you!

Browse all our webinars or jump to specific webinar topics using the links below!

  1. Helping your child understand their emotions and practical strategies to help
  2. Spotting signs that new students are struggling settling in and how to support
  3. Self harm - spotting the signs and providing support
  4. Knowing when a friends struggling and understanding how to help
  5. Spotting signs that a young person is struggling with their mental health
  6. Supporting young people experiencing thoughts of suicide
  7. Anxiety in young people: spotting the signs and supportive strategies 

For more information and to sign up for the webinars please follow this link:The Charlie Waller Trust Webinars