Promoting Oral Health for those with Autism and Sensory Issues

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Interim Senior EYFS Advisory Teacher, Karen Loft, for the attention of all schools and Early Years settings to support children with SEND.

Working in partnership with Oxford Health we are able to share with you these important resources to support children’s dental health; especially those children identified with SEND and sensory difficulties.

Our health campaign for July and August 2021 is Promoting Oral Health for those with Autism and Sensory Issues, together with resources about Dental Anxiety and Phobia.

Autism and Sensory Issues

Our poster subject is Autism – Caring for your Child’s Dental Health. You will also find attached some leaflets to guide parents and to support children and adults with autism to look after their teeth and visit the dentist.

We have included Easy Read resources and a social story for children with autism (‘David going to the dentist’ which has been produced by the Irish Dental Association).

A copy of the booklet produced by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) advice for parents of children with autism is also attached.

Further Website Resources

National Autistic Society

Oral Health Foundation

Sesame Song Video


Dental Anxiety and Phobia

Our poster subject is Visiting the dentist – ways to ease your child’s dental anxiety and we have included the Dental Phobia and Anxiety guide produced by Anxiety UK which can be accessed here.

Further Website Resources

Oral Health Foundation

NHS – Fear of the Dentist


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