Reducing Obesity and Reducing Coronavirus Risk

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Senior Programme Officer for Public Health, Adults and Communities, Tim Howells, for the attention of All Primary Schools.

We would like to thank the Slough schools that have successfully embedded Active Movement or are looking to start the programme in September. We have recently compiled a case study on the programme in Slough which includes the results of an independent review that was performed (thank you to St Anthony’s and Khalsa Primary.)

The review showed how the programme has successfully increased levels of physical activity, increased grip strength and reduced waist circumference of pupils.

The impact on activity and weight is a really important outcome for us as it links closely with the new BAME project that Slough is running to better support our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups who have been disproportionately impacted on by Coronavirus.  Reflecting on how obesity and the physical inactivity of our residents is a big part of this project and it has had a large impact on numbers infected and mortality rates (Obesity being one of the largest risk factors for Coronavirus.)

The programme now includes a bespoke section on “Recovery” to support schools returning to a healthy normal following the pandemic.

The programme is being provided free of charge to Slough primary schools.

If you are interested in the programme or wish for more details then please contact us via