COVID-19 | Latest Updates For Schools, Early Years and FE Providers

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Children, Learning and Skills Director (Cate Duffy), School's Service Lead (Johnny Kyriacou); Early Years and Prevention Service Lead (Michael Jarrett) and Inclusion Service Lead (John Wood).  This is for the attention of all Schools, Early Years and FE providers.

The information on each web link below has either been provided to us by the Department of Education and/or Slough Borough Council's Director and Service Leads for Children Learning and Skills.  This page is to keep all educational professionals updated with the latest information on Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please share this advice with your staff and cascade as appropriate.

March Updates

26/03/2020 - Early Years Provider Updates | COVID-19 Edition 4

25/03/2020 - Early Years Provider Updates | COVID-19 Edition 3

24/03/2020 - Early Years Provider Updates | COVID-19 Edition 2

24/03/2020 - Social Distancing In Schools

23/03/2020 - Early Years Provider Updates | COVID-19 Edition 1

23/03/2020 - Attendance Service | Impact of Coronavirus on Penalty Notices & Enforcement Action

20/03/2020 - COVID-19: Free School Meals Guidance For Schools

19/03/2020 - COVID-19: Closure of Education Settings | Information For Carers and Parents

16/03/2020 - COVID-19 | Guidance For Education Settings

13/03/2020 - Coronavirus Announcement | Move From Contain To Delay Phase

12/03/2020 - Coronavirus Update | Government Action Plan

11/03/2020 - Coronavirus Update | FCO Travel Advice & Educational Resources

10/03/2020 - Coronavirus Update | Action Plan and Updated Travel Advice

05/03/2020 - Coronavirus Update | Action Plan Overview

03/03/2020 - Coronavirus Update | Action Plan Launched

02/03/2020 - DfE: Coronavirus Helpline

February Updates

27/02/2020 - Schools | Coronavirus: COVID-19 Update

26/02/2020 - Early Years | Coronavirus: COVID-19

19/02/2020 - Updates on Coronavirus | For Early Years, Schools and FE Providers

04/02/2020 - Coronavirus Advice | For Early Years, Schools and FE Providers

Effect on Council and Schools

The school closures/partial closures will be updated as information comes in until schools close on Friday afternoon (20/03/2020). At the end of Friday, schools in England will close to all except the most vulnerable children & children of critical workers who would otherwise need to stay home.  To find out more please visit: