Has your Child Missed their Flu Vaccination in Schools?

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Senior Programme Officer for Public Health Tim Howells, for the attention of all schools to share with parents.

Due to the on-going effects of COVID-19 and general winter bugs at this time of the year, we appreciate that some children may miss their flu vaccination at the time of being given at school.

If this happens, and your child is aged between 4 and 12, please contact The Berkshire School Aged Immunisation Team who will be able to offer you an alternative appointment for your child. Please do not contact your child’s GP as they continue to provide the vaccine only to preschool aged children, aged 2 and 3, and those children who have an underling health condition that puts them in an ‘at risk’ group for flu.

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Immunisation Team

Telephone | 0300 365 0077 

Email | schoolimmunisationTeam@berkshire.nhs.uk