Early Years Provider Updates | COVID-19 Edition 8

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Service Lead for Early Years and Prevention, Michael Jarrett, for the attention of the Early Years Sector.

Please find below updates and information for all settings regarding the operation of provision during COVID-19.

If your setting is currently still open and are considering closure please discuss with the Early Years Service and for further information, advice or guidance please contact the team on 01753 476554 or email earlyyears@slough.gov.uk.

Family Information Service

Slough’s Family Information Service has a record of all settings currently open for children of key workers / vulnerable children, please signpost parents and carers to the FIS if they need to find care including holiday provision if you are unable to stay open, call 01753 476589 or email fis@slough.gov.uk, Slough’s Services Guide.

Reminder Weekly Registers | Due Tomorrow Before 1pm

All settings who are open this week must send the local authority details of the children who attended or are attending your provision. Please see the attached template, please note this document has been updated so please use the new version, if you require a word version please email clare.thompson@slough.gov.uk.

Submit your settings attendance by completing the spreadsheet and then password protect it and send to earlyyears@slough.gov.uk . Please do not email personal details without password protecting the document first. Please use the password ‘Attendance’.

  • Childminders please call Danielle Mercer on 07770 936674 or Sharon Rose on 07920 287687 if you are unable to email in the details.
  • Group settings please contact or Karen Loft on 07923 260393 if you are unable to complete the spreadsheet.

Spread Some cheer!

Slough Borough Council are hoping to spread some cheer by sharing rainbows children from across Slough have drawn/painted. If children in your setting have created rainbow pictures please share some images of them with their rainbows. Please make sure you have the right permission for images to be shared.

Please ensure the photos taken are taken on an iPhone or similar so we can get a fairly high resolution photo.

It would be great to have some separate photos of the staff working in the setting as we would like to promote them and say thank you to our key/essential workers!

Please email your photos to clare.thompson@slough.gov.uk.

Government Updates | Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Early Years and Childcare Closures

Guidance for local authorities, early years settings and childminders about childcare provision following the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Updated to clarify the income support available and the requirements for providing safe, quality care for vulnerable and critical workers’ children.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Guidance on Vulnerable Children and Young People

Questions and answers about the provisions being made for vulnerable children and young people.

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Ofsted | Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rolling Update

Ofsted guidance and information relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) for schools, early years, children's social care and further education and skills providers.

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