Update from DHSC regarding PCR Tests and Educational Settings

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's COVID Schools Programme Officer, Heather Cook, for the attention of all education settings.

PCR tests for children/young people can no longer be booked on the advice of schools.

Public Health England have advised that schools should only be asking contacts to test where advised to do so by the Thames Valley Health Protection Team.  This is to ensure that only close contacts are booking tests, so as not to overwhelm the system or test unnecessarily.

The guidance to 119 call handlers has also been updated today, as follows:

  • HPT (health protection team) PCR requests
  • You may see an increase in callers asking to be tested at the request of a local HPT - please book these citizens a PCR test
  • Local HPTs are assisting trace in some schools with contact tracing of school children
  • Children/Parents should follow the instructions given by local HPT