Early Years Provider Updates | COVID-19 Edition 15

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Service Lead for Early Years and Prevention, Michael Jarrett, for the attention of the Early Years Sector.

Please find below updates and information for all settings regarding the operation of provision during COVID-19.

Please let us know if you have any questions or queries about the current situation and we will try to follow them up the best we can via the daily updates.

During this unfamiliar time the team would like you to know that we are here to offer you support, in whatever way you may need it? We are on the other end of the phone or email and will continue to provide you with daily email updates. Even if you are currently closed the team can offer a range of support from discussing government guidance documents to reviewing local area initiatives.

We understand that this is a difficult period for everyone and in these uncertain times it can often help to share concerns, questions and queries with others, so please do keep in contact and pick up the phone anytime for a catch up.

You can email and call individual members of the team or for general enquiries contact earlyyears@slough.gov.uk or call 01753 476554.

If your setting is currently still open and are considering closure please discuss with the Early Years Service and for further information, advice or guidance please contact the team on 01753 476554 or email earlyyears@slough.gov.uk.

Family Information Service

Slough’s Family Information Service has a record of all settings currently open for children of key workers/vulnerable children, please signpost parents and carers to the FIS if they need to find care including holiday provision if you are unable to stay open, call 01753 476589 or email fis@slough.gov.uk, Slough’s Services Guide.

Reminder Weekly Registers are Due Friday This Week Before 1pm

All settings who are open this week must send the local authority details of the children who attended or are attending your provision. Please see the attached template, if you require a word version please email clare.thompson@slough.gov.uk.

Submit your settings attendance by completing the spreadsheet and then password protect it and send to earlyyears@slough.gov.uk . Please do not email personal details without password protecting the document first. Please use the password ‘Attendance’.

Childminders please call Danielle Mercer on 07770 936674 or Sharon Rose on 07920 287687 if you are unable to email in the details.

Group settings please contact or Karen Loft on 07923 260393 if you are unable to complete the spreadsheet.

COVID-19 Pandemic | A Fast Track Service to Deal With Requests From Local Authorities to Operate Early Years and Childcare Provision in a Different Way

To support local authorities and registered early years and childcare providers during this challenging time, Ofsted have put in place temporary arrangements for dealing with new applications and requests from existing providers to operate provision in a different way.

This relates to existing registration arrangements:

  • Registered nursery owners can add additional/alternative settings to their registration (applicable fee)
  • Registered childminders can apply for approval to provide care on a non-domestic premises for up to 50% of their time (no fee)
  • Registered providers of childcare on domestic premises can apply for approval to provide care on a non-domestic premises for up to 50% of their time (no fee).

If a provider is considering changes to their current registration which fits within the three points outlined above they should discuss this with the Early Years Service  to consider the present need and the potential to fast track the Ofsted application. Please contact 01753 476554 or email earlyyears@slough.gov.uk.

Dingley's Promise Service Offer

In response to the current situation Dingle’s Promise has reviewed their current service offer and has the following available for the sector to access.

Family Support offer to all families who might need information, ideas, connections or support during the lockdown. Attached is a leaflet which they would like us to share and they are happy for you to refer any family to them, this includes referrals from the local authority, settings or childminders.

Secondly, they are proud to offer an abridged version of their accredited training course in 'Early Years Inclusive Practice' totally free to all settings for the duration of the lockdown. Attached a flyer for more information. They launched the free training just last week and have already had over 70 new trainees signing up for the course from across the UK.

Finally, they have launched a new section on their website where their whole COVID-19 response can be accessed and those who want to find out more can access materials, apply for the training and access one to one family support too. https://www.dingley.org.uk/covid-19-response/

Domestic Abuse | Slough Safeguarding Partnership

Challenging times may result in the need to access specialist support, don’t be alone, attached are some resources that might be able to help.  You can also visit the Slough Safeguarding Partnership here to learn more.

Alternatively if you can also access the Slough Safeguarding Partnership newsletter by clicking here.

Mental Health and Well-being

If providers have any children or young people displaying any Mental Health and or well-being concerns, then please contact the East Berkshire Getting Help Service at: CAMHSGettingHelpEast e: CAMHSGettingHelpEast@berkshire.nhs.uk

Ofsted COVID-19 Rolling Update

Ofsted guidance and information relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) for schools, early years, children's social care and further education and skills providers.

Updated section on routine inspections being suspended to add information on publishing inspection reports and management information.  Please click here for more information. 

COVID-19 Guidance for Schools and Other Educational Settings

Guidance and advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19) in educational settings for staff, parents and carers, pupils and students.

Added a link to 'Admission appeals for school places' which contains guidance on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on school admission appeals. Click here to find out more.

How HMRC Works Out Total Income and Trading Profits For the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

Find out how HMRC will work out your income and profits if you're self-employed or a member of a partnership in the UK and have lost profits due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).