Early Years Provider Updates | COVID-19 Edition 7

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Service Lead for Early Years and Prevention, Michael Jarrett, for the attention of the Early Years Sector.

Please find below updates and information for all settings regarding the operation of provision during COVID-19.

If your setting is currently still open and are considering closure please discuss with the Early Years Service and contact the team on 01753 476554 or email earlyyears@slough.gov.uk.

Family Information Service

Slough’s Family Information Service has a record of all settings currently open for children of key workers/vulnerable children, please signpost parents and carers to the FIS if they need to find care including holiday provision if you are unable to stay open, call 01753 476589 or email fis@slough.gov.uk, Slough’s Services Guide.

COVID-19 | Guidance for the Public on Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak is going to have an impact on everyone’s daily lives, as the government and the NHS take necessary steps to manage the outbreak, reduce transmission and treat those who need medical attention.It may be difficult, but by following guidance on social distancing, or staying at home, you are helping to protect yourself, your family, the NHS and your community.

During this time, you may be bored, frustrated or lonely. You may also feel low, worried, anxious, or be concerned about your health or that of those close to you. Everyone reacts differently to events and changes in the way that we think, feel and behave vary between different people and over time. It’s important that you take care of your mind as well as your body and to get further support if you need it.

Advice and Information on How to Look After your Mental Health and Wellbeing During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak.


Resources for Young People and Parents

Attached is a story to help children understand COVID-19 – remember having a coherent story/account of what is happening and what to do, promotes resilience.

Talking with children to manage anxieties: see anxietyuk website

Isolation Support Information, Learning Links and Documents

Please find attached a number of resources and link’s that have been gathered to support you and your families during this unusual time. To open the different activities please click on the little documents.

Help and support if your business is affected by coronavirus (COVID-19)

Watch a video and register for the free webinar to learn more about the support available to help you deal with the economic impacts of coronavirus.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Early Years and Childcare Closures

On 17 March 2020, the Chancellor confirmed the government would continue to pay for free early years entitlement places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds even if settings were closed on the advice of the government, or children were not able to attend due to coronavirus (COVID-19).


PACEY Has Put Together an Up-to-Date List of the Most Frequently Asked Questions Around COVID-19


Closure of Educational Settings | Information for Parents and Carers

Information for parents and carers about the closure of schools and other educational settings following the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Added section on parental support for keeping children safe online.


Ofsted Updates

Ofsted have published a Coronavirus rolling update which sets out a new page on their guidance and information relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) for schools, early years, children's social care and further education and skills providers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Ofsted: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rolling Update | We have published this new page to set out our guidance and information relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) for schools, early years, children's social care and further education and skills providers. We are updating it regularly.

Early Years and Childcare

Early Years and Childcare Providers Judged Inadequate or not Complying with Requirements at Inspection | An explanation of what happens to those judged inadequate on the Early Years Register and those not meeting registration requirements on the Childcare Register. 

Consented Addresses for Childminders and Domestic Childcare | Updated consented addresses for childminders and domestic childcare as at 29 February 2020.

Official Statistics: Childcare Providers and Inspections as at 31 December 2019 | This release includes registered childcare providers and places, inspection outcomes, and joiners and leavers as at 31 December 2019.

Get a Background Check if you Live or Work with a Childminder | This explains how to get the check you need to have if you are aged 16 or over and you live or work in a childminder's home.