COVID-19 | Families Travelling in From Abroad

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's COVID Schools Programme Officer, Heather Cook, for the attention of all education providers.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect international travel. If you are in the UK you should not travel abroad unless you have a permitted reason to do so. It is illegal to travel abroad for holidays.

People travelling to England must either quarantine in the place they are staying (for 10 days) or in a managed quarantine hotel for 10 days because of Coronavirus (COVID-19). What they need to do depends on where they travel in the 10 days before they arrive in England. If arriving in England from a country on the banned travel list ‘red list’, or if someone has transited through one in the past 10 days, they must book to stay in a managed quarantine hotel.

They must also get 2 Coronavirus tests after arriving in England. These need to be booked before travel.

A quarantine hotel has now opened in Slough and others have opened around the South East of England.  This means that some children of Slough families may be staying at a quarantine hotel. Families at the hotels are being advised to contact the school(s) of their child/children so that schools know of the whereabouts of children on their role.  There are no mechanisms currently in place for schools to contact the quarantine hotels directly to check if a child from their school is there.