Reducing Risks of Coronavirus

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Senior Programme Officer for Public Health, Tim Howells for the attention of Education Professionals to share with families.

Public Health have been busy working on a new page of their website which gives children, families and teachers some key ways that they can reduce their risk of Coronavirus.  This page will help provide those at school  with some reassurances of how they can return to a new “healthy normal” whilst ensuring they are prepared for any future re-emergence of the virus.

The page contains a new downloadable infographic called the “Post lockdown pathway”. This document will give teachers and pupils (as well as their families) some useful hints and tips of things they should consider throughout their day, for example when travelling to and from school, to ensure they are protecting themselves and returning to regular life. I have attached the document to this email in pdf and png (for use on social media). If you would like this document in hard copy, for example A2 or A3 posters, hand outs or flyer form, then please let me know by emailing

To view the new page please click here

Please consider promoting this new page and associated infographic to your contacts and on social media:

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In helping our pupils, families and schools staff return to a healthy normal and to help reduce their future risk of Coronavirus the @SloughPH team have created a new support webpage along with a helpful infographic.

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