Level 3 Heatwave Alert

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Senior Programme Officer for Public Health, Adults and Communities, Tim Howells, for the attention of All Education Professionals.

We have been made aware that Slough has been issued with a level 3 heatwave alert. 

  • There is a 90 % probability of Heat-Health criteria being met between 12:00pm on Thursday 06/08/2020 and 09:00am on Friday 14/08/2020 (31 degrees during the day and 16 degrees at night.)
  • Hot to very hot Friday and Saturday.

This means that temperatures are very likely to rise to levels that increase the risk of ill health among vulnerable adults, particularly older people, those with long term conditions.  People with breathing conditions such as asthma or COPD may be more affected by the higher air pollution levels together with the hot weather. Children’s susceptibility to high temperatures varies; those under four years of age, who are overweight, or who are taking certain medication may be at increased risk of adverse effects.

Some children with disabilities or complex health needs may be more susceptible to high temperatures. Children with breathing conditions such as asthma or COPD may be more affected when there are high air pollution levels together with hot weather. Advice on how to reduce the risk either for yourself or somebody you know can be obtained from NHS Choices at tips-for-coping-in-hot-weather , NHS 111 or from your local chemist”

Please ensure that departmental and service level heatwave plans are now activated, and staff are aware of the actions they will take to protect vulnerable residents.

Please see attached at the bottom of the page a leaflet containing information on everything you need to know and the connection with Coronavirus.

Please remind your colleagues, residents, vulnerable neighbours and families to follow hot weather advice during this time.