Routines For Relationships | Three Conversations

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Hannah Heron is the Content Specialist for Learning Behaviours at the EEF and a Primary School Leader based in Manchester.

It’s 8.50am on a drizzly Manchester day. As my class of Year 2s remove their wellies and raincoats in the cloakroom, I hurry to the classroom door to start my daily habit of meeting each of my pupils.

Today, Frankie rushes to be the first. It was his birthday yesterday and he is keen to tell me all about it.

Next up is Amina, who is uncharacteristically quiet. I make a mental note to monitor how she is throughout the morning and check in with her later.

Then comes Leo, who has communication and language needs. He points to the visual symbol representing the waving hand and skips happily into class.

As we return to the classroom after the summer break, re-establishing good habits is at the forefront of many teachers’ minds. This applies both to healthy personal habits, such as cycling to work, and our teaching habits based on what the evidence tells us about ​‘best bets’ for improving pupil outcomes.

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