Littledown School

Littledown is a special school which supports children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

Littledown School is currently funded for up to 38 primary aged pupils (4-11 years), with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHC). The school is also funded for 13 Alternative Provision places for primary aged pupils who are at risk of exclusion from a mainstream primary school. We aim to empower pupils with self-confidence, developing their ability to respect others and themselves. This empowerment will help pupils learn to manage their emotional and behavioural difficulties in a range of settings and situations.

The school follows the National Curriculum, differentiated for individual pupils where necessary. Curriculum events enrich the pupils’ learning – these include music days, community days with local agencies such as Aik Saath, Enterprise Days and Sports and Well-being days. 

The school works closely with parents in order to fully support the holistic needs of the individual child, sometimes working within the family.

We offer a range of support programmes including; full time provision, dual placements, assessment and reintegration programmes, intensive outreach support and a nurture provision. We aim to support any primary aged child who is a Slough resident or placed within a Slough School who is at risk of permanent exclusion.

Mainstream schools that have identified a pupil as being at risk of permanent exclusion can make a referral for support from Littledown and any of it's provisions by completing an Inclusion Panel Referral Form and submitting it to the Primary Inclusion Panel. This panel is held monthly.


Queens Road

Contact & Information:

Headteacher - Angela Mumford
01753 521734
Chair of governors
Hazel Thorpe