County Line Projects

County Lines, Knife Crime and CSE Workshops for Secondary Schools 

The Office of Police Crime Commissioner and the Safer Slough Partnership will offer a range of initiatives across phases from awareness to targeted detached work in schools. The Safer Slough Partnership (SSP) has worked to secure this funding to deliver a four tiered programme of work aiming to prevent young people being exploited into violence and offending through gangs and County Lines drug dealing. The project has a range of interventions from broad reach awareness raising in schools to targeted intervention with young people already involved in gangs and knife crime.

Tier 1a: A performance aimed at secondary school students to raise general awareness of: County Lines, grooming, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) 

This is delivered as a single 50 minute theatre performance which includes a short post-show talk clarifying subjects covered in the play. Young people are provided with an information leaflet at the end of the performance with more details including signposting to sources of help and advice. The schools will also be provided with access to online resources that were created for the project by the Children’s Society.

Tier 1b: Workshops educating young people on gangs, knife crime and County Lines to reduce the risk of them becoming involved in criminality

The sessions aim to educate and empower 11-16 year olds to help them make the right decisions about crime and violence. They will address issues which have been chosen in consultation with young people and demand from local police and schools like; how easy it is medically to kill someone if you have a knife, how tough sentencing can be, what it's really like in prison and the ripple effects a murder has on the victims and perpetrators, parents and siblings. It will also include testimony from victims and families.

The workshops are interactive, listening yet challenging young people's preconceptions about crime - particularly when it comes to debunking myths or glamorizing particular lifestyles. Sessions provide a safe platform to discuss issues in a non-judgmental way in order to educate & change young people's behaviour & perceptions. Fearless Worker from Crime Stoppers details are attached.

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