Early Years Provider Updates | COVID-19 Edition 5

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Service Lead for Early Years and Prevention, Michael Jarrett, for the attention of the Early Years Sector.

Please find below updates and information for all settings regarding the operation of provision during COVID-19.

If your setting is currently still open and are considering closure please discuss with the Early Years Service and contact the team on 01753 476554 or email earlyyears@slough.gov.uk.

Family Information Service

Slough’s Family Information Service has a record of all settings currently open for children of key workers / vulnerable children, please signpost parents and carers to the FIS if they need to find care including holiday provision, call 01753 476589 or email fis@slough.gov.uk.

DfE Updates

Early Years and Childcare closures guidance

Susie Owen - Deputy Director for Quality and Outcomes DfE

  • Local Authorities have the legal right now to ask settings to reopen or close to support critical workers/vulnerable children, further guidance will be issued local authorities to support the different actions that could be taken.  
  • Holiday Care; settings should stay open where possible.
  • Job retention scheme: The DfE have raised with HMR Treasury the financial implications for settings who are still open and rotating staff (so staff have not been furloughed). The DfE have asked how/if these settings could access the scheme and they have said that more information will follow.
  • Self employed: System won’t be available until June but childminders can access the Business Interruption scheme loan scheme.
  • DfE are urging all childcare providers to be reasonable and balanced in their dealings with parents, given the great uncertainty they will be facing too. Charging for consumables in line with national entitlements guidance. As per existing guidance, they should consider the impact of charges on disadvantaged families.
  • DfE are looking at changes to the EYFS to support the current situation for those settings that are still open.
  • DfE are exploring insurance issues with HMT.
  • DfE have raised the issue of early years providers needing access to PPE and food supplies and knows that early years settings are a priority.
  • DfE are looking at what they can do to develop more materials to support home learning for early years children but currently advise using Tiny Happy People website and Hungry Little Minds

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