Feeling unwell? Do you know what NHS Service to use?

This article has been brought to you by NHS East Berkshire CCG's Senior Social Marketing and Communications Manager, Sabahat Turk Hassan, for the attention of anyone with a caregiving role for children.  This includes parents, guardians, teachers, headteachers, early years settings, nursery, primary and secondary schools.

This information can be used to work out the best place to get advice or treatment when you or a child is unwell.  Winter is always a busy time for the health service. 

If people go to the right service, it helps the NHS to work at its best and be there for those who really need it.  That is why we are asking you to "help us, help you".

Please share this information to all members of staff at primary and secondary schools, all early years settings including children centres.  Schools are also encouraged to include the poster in your newsletters to parents.

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