Managing Risk In A Multi-Agency Environment

This training event has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council on behalf of the Slough Safeguarding Partnership for the attention of All Schools. 

Dear colleague,

We are pleased to be able to offer another face-to-face course to support partners who work with vulnerable adults or children.  This course emphasises systems leadership, non-hierarchical leadership and solution focussed responses to complex situations.

Kind regards,

Janine Edwards, Training & Development Lead, Slough Safeguarding Partnership

A Multi-agency Training event for anyone who supports vulnerable adults or children and who participates in or leads multi agency meetings

Represents 4 hours CPD. (Level 3 intercollegiate guidance)

Aims and Objectives 

Practitioners will develop skills to work together to effectively manage risk and complex situations,

using the multi-agency environment to create solution focussed responses.

By the end of the course participants will develop their competencies by:

  • Understanding partners’ roles
  • Developing leadership skills within the multi-agency environment
  • Developing chairing meetings skills in a multi-agency environment
  • Gaining confidence to initiate multi agency meetings
  • Extending problem solving skills
  • Developing negotiation and influencing skills
  • Understanding the role and restrictions of information sharing

When: 9.15 to 13:15, 22nd February 2024 | Where: Arbour Park Stadium

Prerequisite of attendance

This is NOT a basic safeguarding course.  Attendees are expected to have attended previous safeguarding training within their own organisation and have sound safeguarding knowledge.  

Booking via the Safeguarding Partnership website

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