NHS Frimley | Think, Plan, Share Campaign Resources

This article has been brought to you by Slough Borough Council's Early Years Advisory Teacher, Karen Loft on behalf of Engagement and Communications Manager, Maternity, Children and Young People NHS Frimley, Frimley Health and Care ICS, Kirsty North, for the attention of all Early Years and Childcare Practitioners.

Ahead of the upcoming festive period, NHS Frimley, via Frimley Healthier Together, are championing resources to prompt parents and carers to think, plan and share “Who’s in Charge?” when children are present, and alcohol is being consumed by the responsible adults around them. This campaign follows on from the successful #Safe Sleep #Whosincharge campaign we launched during Summer of 2022.

The potentially life changing question NHS Frimley are asking parents and carers to consider is ‘when you choose to drink alcohol take time to “think, plan, and share “Who’s in Charge?’ and responding to the needs and whereabouts of the children present.

Supported by social media messaging alongside two short films that highlight the risk of distraction that adults’ alcohol consumption can cause to children's safety, we want to raise awareness of this issue and to reduce the potential risk of harm this could cause.

NHS Frimley are asking for support in sharing assets on social media channels, within newsletters and any appropriate communications shared with communities. Assets will be shared widely on all available channels across December 2022 and will remain available for use year-round. They can be downloaded from NHS Frimley's resource centre Communication resources for system partners | Frimley Health and Care