Emotional Wellbeing

Slough has committed to emotional wellbeing as one of their priorities for 2018/2019.  There are a range of activities and services in place in and across Slough to support emotional wellbeing of our staff and students in school.  We will be updating on this page as these projects evolve over the coming months.

A mental health directory has been developed outlining all mental health services in Slough and nationally to assist practitioners/teachers to identify support early on and seek out help at the right time for children and young people. This can be accessed here.

Schools can now access a new tier 2 service of support for anxiety and depression, called Andy clinic which has been embedded in the Early help system, FIRST to provide direct and prompt access to low level (tier 2) services than wait to be referred via CAMHS, providing the right service at the right time. Please email FIRST for further details: FIRST@slough.gov.uk

PPECare training is high quality training available FREE to all Slough Schools on a range of mental health issues. Please see attachment flyer below for details. For further details contact: lisa.thomson@berkshire.nhs.uk

Youth Champions Programme:

This programme has been funded for Year 12 students to become youth champions, initially in 4 secondary schools. The contract to upskill these YP has been delivered by Aik Saath to promote mental health awareness, reduce stigma and be led by peers. For further details and to engage with this programme please email: janette.fullwood@nhs.net

The Slough Heads Conference in February 2018 was aimed to raise awareness of the mental health paper (green paper) and to produce a resource pack of support for schools to use including a range of resources from useful background reading for different settings, lesson resources and the range of things that can be accessed as wider reading and self-support, e.g. websites, twitter feeds. This area of work has been led by Rachel Cross and the resource pack is available below to download. For further details please email her on rachel.cross@slough.gov.uk

Watch this space for the 2x new exciting Wellbeing posts in Slough to help raise the profile of general wellbeing in schools and early years settings.

The aim of the post’s are to raise standards in schools and early years settings across 4 areas (physical health, healthy eating, promote PHSE and a major focus on emotional and mental Wellbeing). The education post will focus on supporting schools to develop MH strategies and activities and promoting resources for the PHSE ad the early years post will support children’s centres. Updates will be shared by Jatinder Matharu.               

On 22nd November 2018, 16 secondary schools will have Mental Health First Aid training which is funded through the government, part of the Green Paper commitment to train and have at least 1 MH lead in schools by 2025.

I am working with Mental Health England to ensure that all other outstanding schools also receive this opportunity. The aim is this is rolled out to primary schools next year. Please contact jatinder.matharu@slough.gov.uk to register your interest.