School Health & Wellbeing Project | Wellbeing for Education Return

Wellbeing for Education Return is a national programme developed and funded by the Department for Education in partnership with other government departments and an expert advisory group which includes representatives from the Anna Freud Centre and Mind-Ed.  

The aim of the programme is to ensure that education staff are empowered and supported to make pupils and students’ wellbeing and mental health a priority after lockdown and during the pandemic.

There are two elements to the project:

  • Training for education staff
  • Ongoing support for schools until March 2021

This offer is intended for all state-funded education settings, including academies, special schools, pupil referral units and alternative provision.

In Slough, we are making sure that this programme links in with the Mental Health Support Team, the Getting Help Team and other local projects and initiatives to ensure that it enhances and complements the wider work already underway.

To provide more about the Wellbeing for Education Return programme and how it will be implemented in Slough there will be a number of Wellbeing for Education Return Information Webinars. If you would like to attend one of the webinars please click on the links below to book a place:

There is a flyer about the webinars at the bottom of this page where you will also find a briefing document with some additional information. Please contact Susan Dyer, School Health & Wellbeing Project Officer, 07753 316916 if you have further questions or any difficulties accessing the Information Webinars.