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DSL Networks

Please note all the dates and times for the upcoming DSL network will take.

Spring Term:

Summer Term:

Autumn Term:

Primary DSL Network

All at Burnham Park Hall from 1000 to 1200

Wed 9th January 2019

Wed 8th January 2020

Wed 24th April 2019

Wed 29th April 2020

Wed 25th Sept 2019

Wed 23rd Sept 2020

Secondary DSL Network  

All at Upton Grammar School from 1600 to 1730

Thu 10th January 2019

Thu 9th January 2020

Thu 25th April 2019

Thu 30th April 2020

Thu 26th Sept 2019

Thu 24th Sept 2020


Please see attached documents below:  Key DSL dates document 2018 and DSL Forum Terms of Reference.

Safeguarding in Education Conference 27th March 2018

The 1st Safeguarding in Education Conference took place on 27th March 2018. It saw a range of speakers bringing together their expertise, knowledge and experiences that provided delegates with a deeper understanding of the challenges in responding to the difficult issues that affect Slough children and young people.


Egress secure email accounts:

SBC has purchased Egress email accounts on behalf of Slough schools to support and enhance the data protection of sending and receiving secure documents. Egress accounts are secure email platforms to send and receive sensitive data and information such as child protection report, SEND reports etc. The comprehensive package stores your documents that are sent and received where under the free and basic package this is not available on Switch Egress.

Further details can be found here:

The contract is renewed yearly. The next joining period will be autumn term 2019. For costs and timescales if your school is interested in joining please email

Please see FAQ's for further details about the project (see attachment).