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Working in education is very rewarding but, at the best of times, can also be physically and emotionally draining. This is especially true at the moment. School leaders, teachers and other education staff have been in the front line working throughout the Coronavirus pandemic supporting pupils and their families and dealing with new challenges on a daily basis.

Looking after the wellbeing of education staff has never been more important than it is now; with an approach that combines self care and whole school systems and processes that promote and support staff wellbeing. This page has a collection of local and national resources to support individual self care, including specialist support for head teachers and school leaders, plus information, advice and guidance for a whole school approach.

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Self Care for All Education Staff

Webinars to Support Wellbeing Self Care

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust and Slough Public Health are offering the following webinars: Looking After Our Wellbeing and 5 Ways to Wellbeing. Further details, dates and booking links for all webinars are in the flyer below.

Slough School Health & Wellbeing Project | Education Staff Self Care Guide

This guide contains information, advice and guidance for staff to enable them to look after their own wellbeing. The guide follows a graduated approach with sources of additional support towards the end. There is also a section specifically for head teachers and school leaders. A copy of the guide can be found at the bottom of this page.

Headteachers and School Leaders

Slough Primary Headteachers’ Association (SPHA) Support Flowchart for Slough Headteachers (Wellbeing)

Compiled by the Slough Primary Head Teachers’ Association and the School Health and Wellbeing Project, this flowchart offers head teachers ‘at a glance’ guidance on sources of information, advice and guidance for self care and promoting the wellbeing of their staff team and pupils. A copy of the flowchart can be found below.

Reflective Supervision for Designated Safeguarding Leads  

Slough Borough Council are offering an opportunity to receive fully funded, Reflective Supervision until the end of June 2021, on a pilot basis. The group sessions will be facilitated by Number 22 counselling service and will provide a confidential, non-judgemental environment for participant to reflect on decision making, cases and outcomes and receive emotional support for associated worries and feelings. Sessions will take place every half term until the end of June 2021. In addition, towards the end of the pilot period, DSLs will be offered training on reflective practice skills. These skills, tools and approaches can be used by participants to cascade reflective practice within their settings and embed it within the culture and ethos for longer term sustainability and contribute to the ‘Whole Setting Approach’ to health and wellbeing. (Please note this is only available to DSLs from schools who have bought into the Partnership Offer.)

Heads Up

A national organisation offering a supportive network of Headteachers through weekly informal zoom calls either Wednesday mid-week drinks (7.30-8.30pm) or Saturday coffee mornings (9-10am). In these facilitated sessions participants are invited to reflect on their week, share the successes and challenges or if preferred, just listen.  Often the discussions will focus on a particular issue. If you are interested in joining, please sign up Here.  The Heads Up website can be accessed Here.


Headrest is run by former heads and offers mutual support for head teachers to promote their wellbeing. To find more information on the Headrest website click HERE.

Whole School/Setting Approach to Staff Wellbeing | Local Resources & Support

Slough PSHE Network Presentation and Planning Workshop on Education Staff Wellbeing

The presentation(copy below) can be downloaded for school use or delivered as a workshop facilitated by the School Health & Wellbeing Officer.

Slough School Health & Wellbeing Project | Resource List 5 | Promoting Staff Health and Wellbeing

This resource list (copy below) provides a collection of resources, information, advice and guidance for developing a whole school approach to staff wellbeing. Further guidance on developing a whole school approach to health and wellbeing can be found on the School Health & Wellbeing Project | Developing a Whole School Approach to Health & Wellbeing webpage Here.

Slough Borough Council, Integrated Support Service | Educational Psychology Team

Educational Psychologists run Solution Circles for staff focusing on particular difficulties faced in their roles e.g. anxiety amongst students. The service also deliver training on a ‘needs based’ approach responding to individual need, specific requests and context within schools e.g. staff wellbeing. Educational Psychologists are trained to deliver PPEP Care core modules.

East Berkshire NHS (CCG) | Children & Young People’s Workforce Training Offer

This comprehensive list of training opportunities includes details and links to online courses about education staff wellbeing.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust | Education Mental Health Support Team & Getting Help Service

Mental Health Support Teams offer staff wellbeing support and workshops to their allocated schools: Mental Health Support Team (MHST) and Getting Help Service

Buckinghamshire Mind | Slough School Staff Wellbeing Workshops

These workshops are available free of charge to non-MHST schools in Slough (see flyer below for details).

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Alice Moody |

Whole School Approach to Staff Wellbeing | National Resources & Support

Copies of all these resources can be found below:

  • Public Health England - School Staff Wellbeing Resource List
  • Anna Freud Centre (Mentally Healthy Schools) | Staff Wellbeing Planning Pack
  • Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Preventing Work Related Stress in Schools | A Toolkit for School Leaders